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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Special 3D Greetings and Animation

Tune into Love on Valentines Day

"To my weet Heart......   With Love.!"

"Waves of Passion & Love.."

"Its all about Love & Togetherness....
Its all being your Valentine..!"

" I Love You..!! "

" My Love will find you... Even when you Loose Yourelf at the Oddest Place "

" Let Time Freeze the Moment... "

" Love is Eternal... From Ice-age to now "

" True Love cannot be found where it Truly does not exist, nor can it be hidden where it Truly does "

" Love is a Wonderful GIFT that you Share with your SWEETHEART on this VALENTINES DAy & FOREVER "

" I PROMISE you that we will always be together Till the End of time Happy Valentines Day "

" Mere Words cannot Describe the Depth of my Feeling for you DARLING... so, Lets begin with a "" Happy Valentine's Day Wish""!! "

" Love, as old as time, Is like the rays of the SUN that is so myriad and True "
|| Happy Valentine's Day ||

" My Love For You is Journey; tarting at Forever, And ending at never. "

" My Love will remail as Fresh as the Bounties of Nature Forever and Ever.!"

" I'm too Lovestruck to say... I Love You.! "

" I would climb up to any edge... Just to be with you My love. "

" Love is a moment of togetherness that spells bliss.. "

" May our love binds us together forever! " 
Happy Valentines Day.

" Love is Tender... Love is True...
 Love is Everything that makes me & you.! "

" To Love a Person is to Learn the song That is in their heart,
And to sing it to them when they have forgotten.! "

" Ever since you stepped into my life...
All that matters is you my Valentine.! "

" All that I have for you is my heart Will be my Valentine on this day And never be apart?! "



" You mean so Much More than words could ever say... "

" It Is Almost here, that Special time of year. When Hearts and Flowers by the hours are brought to all who seek; When Kisses swirl and words do peak into little tuffs of cotton(candy) my sweet. So be my Love and be my own and call me on the Telephone or send a card, that is not Hard , Right to my waiting door, and I'll be yours Forevermore..! "

" You have the Key to my HEART ! "

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